Clear Distressed Lungs & Respiratory Naturally

Respiratory illness can be a lingering problem or it can be a complication from flu and colds. Either way, it depletes your body of energy. Every cell in in your body relies on the oxygen in your lungs that moves into your bloodstream and flows throughout your body, exchanging the waste gas, carbon dioxide. Your bloodstream then carries this waste gas back to the lungs, where it is removed from the bloodstream and exhaled.

But that’s not all. Your respiratory system also delivers air to the modulate body temperature and moisture to an acceptable humidity level. It protects your body from harmful substances through coughing and sneezing, and then filtering or swallowing those substances. And it supports your sense of smell.

Common western medicine treatments for lung ailments include corticosteroids, oxygen therapy, medications such as pirfenidone and nintedanib, pulmonary rehabilitation and surgery. But there are also natural herbs available that can clear your lungs and ease respiratory distress.

By combining herbs that work together, you can create a synergy that may relieve irritation in the respiratory tract, lungs and bronchioles; easing the effects of emphysema, as well as other bronchial and lung congestions such as bronchitis, asthma, tuberculosis, etc. In doing so, a formula of herbs that work together can be extremely valuable in strengthening and healing the entire respiratory tract and promoting the discharge of mucus secretions from the broncho pulmonary passages.

This Lung Tonic Herbal Formula is cleansing formula, and because this formula is made fresh and only lasts up to 3 months. (if kept in the refrigerator) it is most effective when taken right away and until gone.  The suggested dosage is 1 to 2 tablespoons every 2 hours. The ingredients include, Comfrey Root, Elecampane root, Ground Ivy, Ginger, Cayenne, Nutmeg and honey. Here is a breakdown of the components and their

Elecampane (Inula helenium) is used in the treatment of a wide range of pulmonary complaints, such as asthma, bronchitis, pleurisy, emphysema and internal bleeding. It has been a beneficial remedy for respiratory disorders. It should be noted that the FDA has suggested that this be used for external use only. 

Comfrey Root (Symphytum officinale) is one of the most well-known healing plants, especially for its ability to heal tissue and bone (due to its allantoin content), which promotes the growth of connective tissue, bones, cartilage and is easily absorbed through the skin. It has been beneficial for all pulmonary and catarrhal affections.  This herb is the richest source of insulin. Today it is used primarily for respiratory ailments such as coughs, asthma and bronchitis, and has been used with Echinacea for tuberculosis and whooping cough.

Ground Ivy (Glechoma hederacea) is a safe and effective herb that is used to treat many problems involving the mucous membranes of the ear, nose, throat and digestive system. Ground Ivy contains a volatile oil which aids in relieving congestion and inflammation of mucous membranes associated with colds, flu, and sinusitis. A well-tolerated treatment, it can be given to children to clear lingering catarrh and to treat chronic conditions such as glue ear and sinusitis. Throat and chest problems, especially those due to excess catarrh, also benefit from this remedy.

Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale) is warming and stimulating that has a beneficial effect on the lungs, helping to dispel mucus and phlegm. And when taken hot, it promotes sweating, thus being helpful for colds and flu. Chewing the root will stimulate saliva and benefit a sore throat. It is important to note that Ginger Root may interfere with Heparin or Warfarin. Check with your physician if you are on Ticlopidine, if you are using chemotherapy drugs, general anesthetics or nitrous oxide.

Cayenne Root (Capsicum minimum) has been used with ginger to clean out the bronchial tubes and sinus cavities and as a gargle for sore throats

Nutmeg, in small quantities, improves appetite and digestion. It has been used to treat gas, colic, nausea, muscle spasms, and insomnia.

Being able to take a deep breath is something that many of us take for granted, but for millions of people who have suffered, it can be alarming after they have experienced a severe respiratory infection. Clear your lungs naturally, and breath easy.

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